Buddhist Tours

Buddhism is a religion, which invites the people on self-exploration on life. It states that life is the inner development that assures happiness and peace in life of a person. It is one of the most ancient and largest religions of the World. In India from 3rd century BC, this religion has been flourished. Thousands of Buddhist pilgrims travel to India every year to persue the utter tranquillity offered by Buddhist places. These destinations are linked with Buddha life significantly. In India, there are so many Buddhist places of interest that introduce you with Buddha life. The important sites which are associated with Buddha life such as Kushinagar, Lumbini (in Nepal), Sravasti, Bodhgaya, Vaishali, Patna, Sarnath in Varanasi. Feel the divinity and seek blessings for yourself and your family on this trip. Choose any of our Buddhist tour packages which are well crafted and incorporating all these sacred Buddhist sites majestically, you may select any of the itineraries as per your preference. We make it sure that you return with a pleasant memories of these sacred sites in India.

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